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Sunday Long Run: March 1st

This Sunday we’ll be hitting up the Boston Special, and thankfully the weather is showing that the snow won’t start until the afternoon, so roads should still be nice and clear.  As usual meet at the west end YMCA at 8:50am to leave at 9am.  Route below:

Boston Special

  1. West on College. West on Dundas. South on Sorauren. West on Fermanagh/High Park Blvd.
  2. North on Centre Rd. South on Colbourne Lodge Rd. West on Queensway.
  3. North on Riverside Dr. West on Bloor. North on The Kingsway. North on Kingsway Cr. West on Government.
  4. South on Royal York. East on Varley. North on Grenview Blvd. East on King George Rd. South on the Kingsway.
  5. East on Old Mill Rd./Catherine St. South on Old Mill Dr. East and North on Halford Ave. East on
  6. Humberview Rd. South on Jane St. West on Bloor. South on South Kingsway. East on Morningside.
  7. North on Ellis Park Rd. West on Olympus. North on Harcroft. East on Bloor.
  8. South on West Rd. in High Park. South on Centre Rd. East on High Park Blvd./Fermanagh. North on Sorauren.
  9. West on Dundas. West on College.
  10. For 16km, turn east on Bloor at the end of Riverside and head down South Kingsway.
  11. For 20ish km, turn east onto Old Mill at the beginning of the Kingsway.
  12. For an extra 2km, run the upper loop in High Park again.
  13. For an extra 4ish km, run the Kingsway loop again.