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Sunday July 15

West End YMCA


It’s longboat track day 2 so if you’re not meeting at the track, the west end YMCA will do 8km before circling over to the track to cheer and continue on their way to a 25km loop. Additional mileage can be done on the beltline

Meet at 7:50am to leave at 8  Don’t forget to bring a lock and id if you wish to use the YMCA facilities


University Settlement Group:


Long Run Group: 8:00 start for 12K, returning to join the regular run group. None committed as of Friday night. I will go in case someone comes unannounced.


Regular Run Group: Meet at 9:20 for a start at 9:30 from University Settlement. Pace will be 5:30 – 6:15 min/km for 10K.