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This Friday and Sunday

Hello Athletes!

Two workouts for the price of one just in case I’m unable to communicate with you while in the U.S of A.

Friday, April 18:

Meet at Ecole secondaire Toronto Ouest (formerly West Toronto – 330 Lansdowne Avenue) at 6:15 p.m. having already run at least 3km. Please look carefully at your workout and figure out how it works (the prescribed ones from the coaches this week are a bit complicated). Below is a pace chart that may help out.

5:30min/km = 2:12min/400m
5:20min/km = 2:08min/400m
5:10min/km = 2:04min/400m
5:00min/km = 2:00min/400m
4:50min/km = 1:56min/400m
4:40min/km = 1:52min/400m
4:30min/km = 1:48min/400m
4:20min/km = 1:44min/400m
4:10min/km = 1:40min/400m
4:00min/km = 1:36min/400m
3:50min/km = 1:32min/400m
3:40min/km = 1:28min/400m
3:30min/km = 1:24min/400m
3:20min/km = 1:20min/400m
3:10min/km = 1:16min/400m
3:00min/km = 1:12min/400m


The long run will begin from the West End Y at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday. I am nearly certain that it is finally safe to invade the Leslie Street Spit. Again, I won’t be there and people are noticing that when I am away, we get crap conditions. However, it is suppose to be a lovely day, low of 4 and high of 12 with minimal wind. Stay on the north side of Queen’s Quay between Bathurst and Yonge due to ongoing construction.

Here is the route map:

Notice that on the spit, there is a trail along the east side that is nice to run. However, if you favour the main road, just run on the main road.

Have a great weekend and lovely long run.