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Sunday May 21st

West End YMCA 

As many runners are still recovering or tapering for spring we will be keeping it simple this week running the rail path and cedervale park. meet at College and Dovercourt 7:50am to leave at 8. Don’t forget to bring a lock and ID if you wish to use the YMCA facilities

University Settlement Group:
If anyone plans to run early they should comment below as most early runners except Richard (see comment)laura are running Ragnar or out of town for the long weekend.

Regular Group run meet at 9:20 start at 9:30 from University Settlement. Pace will be 5:30 – 6:15 min/km. Usually 10K with the route to be determined based on everyone’s preference. Those running longer 14-18K will separate from the main group after 7-10K.