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Sunday May 14th

West End YMCA 

By now most of us are either in some stage of recovery from goal races or in the final weeks of prep. Well be going west on the MGT this week, an easy route to lengthen or shorten as needed. Meet at 7:50am to leave at 8. Don’t forget to bring a lock and ID if you wish to use the YMCA facilities.

University Settlement Group:
Because of the Sporting Life 10K getting to Settlement may be a problem as Yonge St will be closed from 7:15 – 11:30 from Lawrence to Richmond so all cross streets will be clogged; East end members will have to exit the Gardiner at Jameson to go North.  Also, the Subway closure will require shuttle buses from St George to Broadview.

Long run group meet at 8:00 at the front doors for a 13K loop prior to the regular group run: Please comment below if you will be starting at 8:00 given the above problems.

Regular Group run meet at 9:20 start at 9:30 from University Settlement. Pace will be 5:30 – 6:15 min/km. Usually 10K with the route to be determined based on everyone’s preference. Those running longer 14-18K will separate from the main group after 7-10K.