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Sunday Long Run: Toronto Marathon Edition

This is a special long run to go and ideally watch the marathon and half marathon racers at Goodlife.  We’ll be meeting at 7:50am and leaving the West End YMCA at 8am to have a chance to cheer on the runners in multiple locations.  Roger will be leading the run from the YMCA.



  1. Head North on Dovercourt
  2. Turn East onto Davenport
  3. Pause at Walmer to cheer on the Marathoners
  4. Turn south and follow the Macpherson Ave to Spadina
  5. Take Spadina South to King St. West
  6. Turn East onto King St.
  7. Follow until Parliment, cheer on Half and Full Marathoners along the way
  8. Turn south on Parliment to the Queen’s Quay
  9. Turn West onto the Queen’s Quay
  10. Follow MGT west until you have done enough mileage

Turn Around Points:

  • 19km – Turn north at Strachan after running along the Queen’s Quay
  • 25km – Turn back once you get to the Canadian Legion
  • 32km – Turn Back just past the Humber river Bridge