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Sunday Long Run-Swansea, Baby Point, Warren Park

I got some nice feedback on these routes so I thought that we should bring them back.

In the full route, you visit Swansea, Baby Point and Warren Park.

Here is the 16k route:

Here is the 20k route:

Here is the 24k route:

*notice that when running the Warren Park neighbourhood loop that you run around the absolute perimeter of the neighbourhood.

Add the Baby Point (1.7ish km), Warren Park (2.5ish km), High Park (1.8ish km) loop to increase the distance of your run to your desired distance.

And, if you find that you’re doing your quality work over a hill or two, don’t sweat it if you are a bit slow. You are still putting in the effort.

I hope to join you, but the family is quite sick. Again, I’ll be very jealous that you get to do this run.