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Sunday Long Run – Sept. 4th

Hey guys,

I’m still out of town this weekend, so you’ll have to somehow navigate this route without me.

Meet as usual at the West End YMCA at 750 AM – should be a beauty!



  1. North on Dovercourt. East on Davenport. North on Winona. East on St. Clair. North on Humewood.
  2. North through the Cedarvale Ravine and north on Everden. Across Ben Nobleman Park and Eglinton to path beside Allen Expressway (there may be construction hear that we have to get around).
  3. North on Pathway East on Beltline Trail. Into Mount Pleasant Cemetery and under Mount Pleasant
  4. to Moore Park Ravine. Follow Path and loop back to Mount Pleasant. Cross Mount Pleasant and continue into Rosedale Ravine.
  5. Turn around when you have reached half your distance