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Sunday Long Run – August 21

Rain is in the forecast, and I’m actually hoping we’ll get it. Either way it shouldn’t be too brutal this Sunday – we’re pretty used to suffering through the heat at this point…

Meet as usual at the West End YMCA at 7:50 AM, and be ready to depart at 8 AM.

Open Streets TO is happening this weekend but it only gets underway at 10. In response to requests, I’ve designed a route that largely mirrors the final third of the Waterfront marathon, but that will take us back along Yonge and Bloor once the street festival happens.

The full loop would be about 30 km, but you could easily cut mileage on the Eastern part of the loop (if you cut off the loop at Carlaw, for example, the route would be about 20 km).

The route is pretty convoluted and is on more sidewalks than trails.  It would be nice if the full group came East on Queen for the first 6 km , but feel free to do something creative  with your particular pace group if no one is interested in scouting the waterfront marathon loop.

For example, this is a 25 km variant: