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Sunday Long Run: April 12th

This Sunday we’ll be heading out to the Leslie St. Spit (Tommy Thompson Park) for our long run.  Usual meeting times apply, be at the West End YMCA for 8:50am and leave at 9am.


  1. South on Dovercourt until it turns into Sudbury and follow until King
  2. Continue South on Duoro until it connects with Strachan and follow to the MGT
  3. Take the MGT East onto the Queen’s Quay and follow east until Cherry St.
  4. Take Cherry St. South to Unwin Ave, turn East onto Unwin (turn here for 18km)
  5. Take Unwin until the entrance to Tommy Thompson Park and turn south (turn here for 22km)
  6. Turn back inside the park once you hit half way (end of park for 32km)