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Sunday Long Run – 8:00 a.m. – Bring ID!

Please remember to bring your ID if you are not a Y member and would like to use the facilities.

Guest Route this week. Richard has created a modification of last week’s Beltline/Moore Park route that goes right through the Rosedale Ravine. It’s great!

It can be as little at 23.5 (stop when you return to the Y) and as much as 32 (with a High Park loop). For distances in between, do a shorter loop or out and back from Y after you return.

If you are going less than 23.5, do an out and back turning around at half way of your desired distance

Here is the route:


North on Dovercourt.
East on Davenport.
North on Winona.
East on St. Clair.
North on Humewood.
North through the Cedarvale Ravine and north on Everden.
Across Ben Nobleman Park and Eglinton to path beside Allen Expressway (there may be construction hear that we have to get around).
North on Pathway
East on Beltline Trail.
Into Mount Pleasant Cemetery and under Mount Pleasant to Moore Park Ravine.
Follow Path and loop back to Mount Pleasant. ‘
Cross Mount Pleasant and continue into Rosedale Ravine
Through the ravine and up the stairs to Acora Ave
North on Acora Ave
West on St. Clair
South on Poplar Plains
West on MacPhearson
South on Spadina
West on Dupont
South on Manning
West on Harbord
South on Ossington
West on Dewson
South on Dovercourt (for back to Y)

High Park Loop from Y
On Dewson, South on Havelock for just a bit
West on Sylvan
South on Dufferin
West on Lindsay
South on Brock
One Block South (not marked, could be a laneway)
At the end turn West on College
West on Dundas
West on Howard Park
Into the Park and do a loop of the Saturday trail and then return to the Y via High Park Blvd, Sorauron, Dundas and College.

Great Route!

Here’s a simpler High Park Route that will give you the same distance, if you don’t feel comfortable with the other.

And here is another extra loop that will give you a total distance of 28.