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Sunday Long Run

Lovely loop for this weekend.

You’ll get to visit the Wychwood Park Neighbourhood, the Cedarvale Ravine, the Western Section of the Beltline trail, Prospect Cemetery and the West Railpath.  It totals about 20.5 km.  To go 16 km, turn at Dufferin off of the Beltline.  There are some nice long parallel streets that you can go down (e.g., Westmount).  To do more, you can head the opposite way on the Beltline and turn around to do the remainder of the route.

Meet at 9:00 a.m. at the West End Y.


North on Dovercourt

East on Davenport

North through Wychwood Park (on the east side)

North on Wychwood

East on St. Clair

North on Bathurst

East on Tichester

Northwest through Cedarvale Ravine

North of Everdeen

North on path on west side of Allen Expressway

West on Witmore

North on Marlee

West on Hopewell

West on Beltline to the end

East on Bowie

South on Montcalm

South through Prospect Cemetery

South on Landsdowne

West on Davenport

South on Osler

West on Cariboo

South on West Railpath

East on Dundas

East on Clollege to Y