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Scotia Viewing Sunday Longish Run -8:30 a.m.

Special time (8:30 a.m. at the West End Y) this weekend so that you can catch the frontrunners of the marathon. Then, the question is, can you run 3km with a 10-15 minute head start to the race course faster than an elite can run 7km.

Please indicate on Facebook if you will be at the run so that others know that they won’t be alone.

It’s just a 16.5 km loop that will allow you to see some of the marathon and the half marathon finish, but you can add more if you head out east along Front St and Eastern.

Here’s the map:

South on Dovercourt
East on Sudbury,
East on King
South on Strachan to the Lakeshore
West on the Martin Goodman Trail to the Legion
East on Martin Goodman Trail
East on Lakeshore
North on Bay (watch half finishers)
West on Richmond
North on Niagara
West on Queen
Northwest through Trinity Bellwoods park
West on Dundas
North on Dovercourt