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Post Party Ice Avoidance Long Run

Cancel the long run just because we have a party the night before? Pshaw!

However, be safe out there tomorrow and run easy. Icy conditions combined with the condition of your head might lead to danger.

Pretty tricky picking a route as it will be -1 in the morning and some of that water on the Martin Goodman might be frozen. So, we’ll stick to some major roads that should have clear sidewalks and some wider, less used roads where we hopefully can run on the street.

Here is the route.

Notes: Annette has a bike lane, which we can use.
Do a backwards Kingsway loop to add 3.8km (Kingsway Cresent, Kingsway, King George, Royal York, Government)
Don’t go into High Park for a loop. It’s icy. It sucks.
The first 3km should be done slowly altogether (6:00/km should be good).

See you tomorrow at the West End Y at 9:00 a.m.