Longboat Wildfire

bulletin-imageWildfire is the club’s beloved newsletter (think running magazine of all things Longboat) that was introduced back in 1981 because “there was just so much happening”. Before the internet, the newsletter was done using a typewriter and provided the means to share race results, advertise the club’s busy social calendar and share articles on training techniques.

The club now uses the website and facebook for these things but there is still an important place for the newsletter. A blend of new and old, Wildfire continues to document the club’s history and what our members are up to.


In the spring of 2009, a contest was held to determine the name of the newsletter; Wildfire, by a tie-breaking vote, was ultimately decided upon. It was Bert de Vries who suggested the name Wildfire, and we asked him why he chose it.

Tom Longboat’s rise as a runner was so meteoric that sportswriters gave him the name “Wildfire” to symbolize not only his speed on the roads, but also the suddenness with which he burst on the scene. The name is a metaphor drawn from nature, and fits in well with Longboat’s Native heritage. I believe that our Club newsletter should make reference to Longboat in some way, and this name seems well suited. Perhaps it will fit in with the editors’ ability to break really hot news. In any case, whenever we get the newsletter we will be thinking of the man who inspires us all. -Bert de Vries



Past submissions have ranged from opinion pieces, book reviews, race reports, training tips, recipes, member profiles, photos, puzzles to hilarious email exchanges. There’s no limit on your creativity!

Tell your story. Be part of the tradition.

Please contact communications@longboatroadrunners.com to contribute to the next issue.

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