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Lovely Long Run Tomorrow!

There is a high of two tomorrow! Awesome! What better way to burn an extra calorie or two (of course, you haven’t accumulated any in the last week;).

So, we’ll start to think of those far off goals and run a hill or two with many versions of the Boston Special.



Need more?

To add an extra 3.8ish km, do the Kingsway Cresent/Govervnment, Royal York/King Edward Loop.

To add an extra 1.9ish km, do a loop in the park.

And for an extra hilly 3.4ish km, do the South Kingsway/Morningside/Ellis Park/Bloor Loop.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. at the West End Y.

First 3km, we all run together for the warm up.