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Grey Cup Route

This is a sweet route that goes past Rosedale Park, the site of the inaugural Grey Cup match between the University of Toronto Varsity Blues and the Parkdale Canoe Club (U of T won 26-6, but if we were there, they would have come in third:).  We’ll meet at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday at the West End Y.


There, you will find this plaque!

Here is the route.  It is nearly 23 km.  For more, do more of the Beltline.

Here is the description.

North on Dovercourt.  East on Dupont.  Slightly south on Avenue.  East on Roxborough (it jogs a bit south on Yonge and north on Mount Pleasant).  North on Schofield Ave.  North on MacLennon (across the bridge at Summerhill).  East on Inglewood Dr. North on Wellend Ave.  East on Moore.  North into Mount Pleasant Cemetery.  West in Mount Pleasant Cemetery to the Beltline Trail to Allen Expressway.  Cross Allen Expressway and head south on the trail along the Expressway so that you can cross Eglinton.  South on Everden.  Southeast through Cedarvale Ravine to the end.  West on Tichester.  South on Bathurst.  West on St. Clair Ave.  South on Wychwood Ave.  Through Wychwood Park.  West on Davenport. South on Dovercourt back to Y.

For 20 km, go to Bathurst on the Beltline and turn south.  Find your way back to the Y.

For 18 km, go to Avenue on the Beltline and turn south.  Find your way back to the Y.

For 16.5 km.  Go West on Moore.  South on Mount Pleasant.  West on St. Clair.  South on Poplar Plains, West on Dupont to Dovercourt and South on Dovercourt.

See you there!