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Extra 2 Hour Sleep Long Run

The two colliding events of the end of daylight savings and the beginning of a 9:00 a.m. start time for Sunday morning runs at the West End Y will give you two extra hours of sleep!!!

This week’s route goes to Baby Point and the Warren Park neighbourhoods. There is a 15km and 18km option as we are in a recovery period for most of us. If you need more, the Kingsway is just on the other side of the river.

Here is the route for 18km (take out the Warren Park loop for 15km):


West on College
West on Dundas
West on Howard Park
North on Indian Road (there’s a bit of a jog at Bloor where it becomes Indian Road Crescent)
West on Annette to Baby Point
Around Baby Point and head back east (back the way you came for 15 km).

North on on Humbercrest
West on St Mark’s
North on Varsity
East on Dundas
South on Gooch/Underwood
South on Varsity
East on St. Mark’s
South on Humbercrest
East on Baby Point back the way you came