2018 Board

Meet the 2018 Board!

From Left to Right:

  • Past President:Rob Hanks
  • Treasurer: Bill Prest
  • Secretary: John MacMillan
  • President: Mirwan Saleh
  • Vice President: Trevor Kobe
  • Coaching Co-ordinator: Laura McLean
  • Communications Co-ordinator: Michael Moran
  • Race Co-ordinator: Jowenne (JoJo) Herrera
  • Social Co-ordinator: Stephen Word
Mirwan Saleh, President
Mirwan joined Longboat the summer of 2016. A relatively new runner, he began running while living in Japan in 2014 because his friend had decided to quit smoking… and thus needed a new morning habit as opposed to his cigarette. And so, the morning short runs were born. Fast forward to Spring 2015, he ran his first half marathon, the Mississauga Half, which set off the urge to do more. A healthy addiction, he hopes…

Longboat has helped him achieve much more in running, and have supported him through many struggles to get to where he is now. As a young business owner himself with a love of travel, running became a natural fit into his lifestyle. He looks forward to bringing about some new insights, and help the club grow in the same way the club has done for him; the club that he now calls home.

Please email President to contact him.

Trevor Kobe, Vice President
Trevor has been running for 40 years. He began running to stay in condition for other sports and ran his first competitive 10K in 1982. He upped that distance to 16K a year later but ran and raced only sporadically for the next ten years at which point he ramped up his running discipline in an effort to keep the family dog tired out. With his improved conditioning Trevor found himself running many races a year from 5K to marathon distance. He ran his first marathon in 1995.
Trevor joined Longboat in 2015. The camaraderie, collective running expertise, regular group training runs and affordable coaching at Longboat have favourably impacted Trevor’s running and helped him to add significantly to his running resume.
Despite running a dozen marathons and at least triple that number of half marathons Trevor had never volunteered at a running race until Longboat’s Sunset Shuffle 6K in August 2015. He has since volunteered at the 2015 and 2016 offerings of Longboat’s signature race – the Toronto Island Run 10K. Trevor has learned to appreciate the significant effort involved to plan and stage a race and looks forward to learning more aspects of race planning.
Trevor has a business degree. After a brief stint in the Advertising sector Trevor has spent the past 25+ years in the financial sector. Trevor hopes his generalist business acumen will be of assistance to the Longboat Executive as it strives to provide the club with good, solid governance.
Please email vicepresident to contact him.
Bill Prest, Treasurer

Bill joined Longboat as a member in the summer of 1995. He had run his first race, Around the Bay in March 1994 and a few weeks later, the Shopper’s Drug Mart Toronto Marathon. Feeling his legs turning to concrete towards the end of both races convinced him that he needed better training. Bill realized that he had a lot to learn about running long distance including the fact that there were shorter races. He decided that he needed to find a running club to get peer support and advice and decided to try Longboat after meeting a couple of the members at a 5K race in Mississauga.

Bill discovered Longboat’s Island Race in the fall of 1994 and his tee shirt from that race is a prized possession. He has not so fond memories of bag check (as it was then) when he was stationed there as a crew member during the race the following year. Bill has served in the past as club secretary and until becoming treasurer, was captain of the Island Race course set-up crew as well as driving a truck on Race Saturday to pick up race supplies.

When Bill isn’t running, he is cycling, acting in community theatre or helping his wife Claire in their accounting firm. Bill also enjoys the odd winter camping weekend in February when the competition for campsites is not as fierce. In his former life, Bill was a computer programmer and still does the IT for his wife’s firm as well as his acting group’s website maintenance.

Bill spent 2017 registering the club for the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and updating the club’s profile of officers with the provincial government, a task long overdue. He looks forward to continuing in his position for a third year as club treasurer in 2018.

Please email Treasurer to contact him.

John MacMillan, Secretary
John joined Longboat in 2012. He first connected with the club on a couple of Saturday morning group runs in High Park. He signed up after enjoying cake served to one member celebrating his/her birthday during the post-run breakfast. John has been running since high school when he competed in cross country. However, his most memorable running moment came years later at the Manitoba Marathon. With a (pained) look of determination, common to most at the end of a marathon, John’s finish made headlines on the front page of the Winnipeg Free Press: “John MacMillan of Pinawa, Manitoba, grimaces in pain as he struggles to be a marathon finisher.” Truth be known, he was not exactly struggling to finish but snarling at the photographer with his ginormous camera standing on the track metres from the finish line at Pan Am Stadium, and in the way of John’s do-or-die sprint to meet his time goal of 2:35. John is currently recovering from a hamstring injury and eager to race again. He feels encouraged by his coach Timo and the wonderful support from members. When John isn’t running, he is Mr. MacMillan, an elementary teacher in Riverdale. He is a passionate chef and enjoys taking culinary courses. He is also an avid cyclist and keen sports photographer.

email Secretary to contact him.

Stephen Word, Social Coordinator
Before joining Longboat, Stephen was a sporadic runner who once believed he could cram for a race by running a lot the night before. Other bits of misguided wisdom included eating every sample at a race expo and trying steel-cut oats for the first time on marathon morning. If you are interested in more tips on how to run your worst then pick up a copy of his non-existent book, DNF: 10 Keys to Under-preparing. The book includes a bonus section with a list of the world’s best race day porta-potties.

Since joining Longboat in 2016, Stephen has discovered a new love for running and cut 9 minutes off his 10k PB and 80 minutes off his marathon PB. He has become an active member of Longboat and is constantly inspired by its members.

Stephen is native of Atlanta, GA and works for The National Ballet of Canada. He looks forward to continuing to improve as a runner and thinks joining Longboat is one of his better running related decisions.

Please email Social to contact him.

Michael Moran, Communications
Mike joined Longboat in 2014 and became very active in the club almost immediately. He wears a couple of hats and in addition to the Communications Coordinator role, he is the Captain of our Medical Team for the Sunset Shuffle and the Island Run. His running passions include the half and full marathon distances and he doesn’t care much for the shorter races. He enjoys interacting with people on social media and proudly posting about club activities. Helping to maintain and improve the club activities are important to him because he wants to be a lifelong Longboat Roadrunner.

Michael can be reached at communications or our team Twitter and Instagram accounts @LongboatRR

Laura McLean, Coaching Coordinator
Laura joined longboat in 2011. This is her second year as Coaching Coordinator. She aims to create a unified plan across all coaches while maintaining the individualized program our coaches are known for. Laura also coaches with the Ryerson University Cross Country and Track and Field programs as well as for RunnersConnect.
Please email Coach to contact her.
Jowenne (JoJo) Herrera, Race Coordinator
Jojo has been a member of Longboat Roadrunners since 2016, but has been running with many club members for many years. Having trained individually for years, he officially joined Longboat to gain a better sense of a community and be part of an awesome running family. Formerly a track and racquet athlete in high school, Jojo discovered his passion for running in his twenties as a means to find balance in his busy work schedule. His love for running is each and every athlete’s quest for personal challenge, rather than competition with each other. Other sports always have a winner and a loser, but with running one can always be a winner depending on what he or she defines as success. His PBs include 17:32 5K, 37:11 10K, 1:19:34 21.1K, and a 2:59:02 in the 2008 Boston Marathon. For over a decade, Jojo has been a pace bunny for the the Scotiabank Half Marathon, consistently pacing the 1:30 Half. Besides running, he is a visual artist, graphic designer, strategy consultant for the public service, and an avid traveler. He is thrilled to act as the race coordinator and is motivated to bring a recognizable voice on behalf of Longboat Roadrunners in its sponsored races.

Please email Racing to contact him.

Rob Hanks, Past President
Rob became a runner in 2007 at the age of 43 when his son was one year old: confronted with asthma issues, he decided that he didn’t want to be a couch potato dad. Shortly afterward he ran his first race – a marathon – in 4:04, followed by a half marathon in the spring of 2008 with a time of 1:36. Sensing that he couldn’t improve anymore running on his own, Rob joined the Longboat Roadrunners in October 2008, where he found a running home. As a trained academic historian on the First World War, he wrote an original paper on Tom Longboat’s experience during the war (which is available elsewhere on the club’s website). With the guidance of Longboat’s excellent coaches and the examples of his fellow club members, he steadily improved his times in every distance, setting more and more new PBs even as he grew older. In 2015 at the age of 52, he ran in 22 races, setting fourteen new PBs, including the New York Marathon in 3:10:52 and the Ajax Half-Marathon in 1:24:10. In 2016 and 2017, Rob served as President of Longboat, during which time the club implemented the HST and survived the flood on the Toronto Islands, which is home to its two races (the Sunset Shuffle and the Toronto Island Run). While President, Rob also set the club’s M50 record for 25k in 2016 with a time of 1:42:25, and in 2017 he had the best WMA score among the club’s men (80.72). Going forward as Past President, his goals are to put one foot in front of the other, to challenge the club’s M55 records, and to follow the Kenyan concept of the Kenyan concept of Harambee, “all pull together.”

Please email past-president to contact him.

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