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Argonaut Long Run

Hello Canadian football fans (….and other Canadians…and those of other nationalities), Toronto hosts the hated and repugnant Tiger-Cats this Sunday in the CFL East final and to honour my beloved Argos who I hope will… Read More »Argonaut Long Run

Last Chance for Masters Cross Country

The Ontario Masters’ Cross-Country Championships are on Sunday, November 17 in the London area. Please contact me at if you are interested. The club will pay as per usual. Steve

Sunday Long Run

Should be a shorter one this week with many people recovering from the Scotiabank races and others within a week of races in New York or Hamilton. Therefore, I’ve created a route that would be… Read More »Sunday Long Run

Last Friday Night at the Track

Tonight (Friday, October 11) will be the final Friday night at the track. Arrive at Central Tech at 6:15 p.m. having already run at least 3 km.