Sunday Long Run

This week, we brave the Beltline Trail. Hopefully, the dryness tomorrow will help evaporate all of the rain that fell on Friday. If for some reason, the gravel section of the Beltline is not up… Read More »Sunday Long Run

Sunday Long Run

With the excitement of Around the Bay, I almost forgot about the long run on Sunday. Please respond to this post so we know who will be there. So far, Nils and Kevin G are… Read More »Sunday Long Run

It’s Friday!

So, let’s workout at High Park. It will be quick stuff up top on the loop. Promises to be awesome! Didn’t get a chance to come out this lovely winter? It’s never too late to… Read More »It’s Friday!

Friday Night at High Park

6:15 p.m. at Grenadier Restaurant. We’ll be staying on the loop up top and running fast for short periods of time. Promises to be fun!