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2024 Coaches

Whether you are training to improve your 10K time, to survive your first ultra-marathon, or to crush the beer mile, experienced and knowledgeable Longboat coaches can get you to the finish line faster.

Every Longboat member receives informal training advice when they run with the club (whether they want it or not). Members who sign up for optional coaching services are also assigned to one of the club’s coaches (bios listed below), based on their personal goals. The coaches work individually with members to develop a custom training program and offer advice on goal setting, pacing and injury prevention. Athletes are expected to maintain regular communication with their coach and provide updates/reports on their progress.

There is a $75 (+HST) annual fee for coaching services (pricing remains unchanged from 2023).  If you are interested in coaching through Longboat or would like further information, please contact us.

Steve Metzger

Steve has coached elementary school cross country and track and field for the past 21 years and began coaching adults in 2009 with a Running Room marathon clinic. He has coached fellow Longboat members since 2011.  From the beginning, he has focused on the safe development of athletes whatever their age, focusing on gradual growth, injury prevention, consistent work and personal fulfilment.  He has taken classes en route to his NCCP Club Coach (Endurance).