Diane Marrow

Robbie Burns 2019

Diane has been a Longboat member for 24 years (since 1996). Diane has always done well for Longboat on the racing front. She is an exceptional and disciplined runner, frequently posting among the top WMA (WAVA) scores for Longboat women, especially in the last decade. (Diane was 3rd overall in 2019, with a WMA score of 82.33). She holds 2000 metre, 3000 metre, 5000 metre, 5k and 10k club records for women in Longboat. She has won the “Most Improved Runner of the Year” award. Diane also held the Canadian indoor 5K track record W60-69 until 2019 and her team currently holds the 4x800m W65-9 outdoor Canadian record. 

Diane has also participated in many Longboat teams in relay races including Cabot Trail and Simcoe Shores races, where she has been a valuable team member not only running her legs with panache but strongly supporting other members of the teams.

As if running wasn’t enough, Diane was also instrumental in the formation of the Wildfire (Longboat) Dragonboat team that competed in the early 2000’s; Diane captained the team for 2 years.

Diane has served the club organizationally as well. She served as Social Coordinator along with Debbie Matters in 2010, and as Race Director along with Sabrina Young in 2017 and 2018.

She has contributed many stories to Longboat print and electronic newsletters, writing profiles of other runners, reports on races like Cabot Trail and engaging us all with her sometimes over-the-top descriptions.

Despite living almost 400 kilometres from Toronto for several years, Diane remains a vital member of the club. She and Mike Durocher have established the informal “Longboat North”, welcoming many club members to sojourn at their house on Tilden Lake, north of North Bay, where they take guests on long runs, walks or snowshoe trips through the forest depending on the season, swimming in or skiing on the lake (also depending on the season), and yoga for runners sessions in the house. Never a dull moment and no chance to lose fitness when visiting Tilden Lake.

Diane’s contributions to the social life of Longboat are numerous. For many years, Diane hosted an annual Longboat skating party, which was the highlight of January in club activities. She is well-known for singing enthusiastically at the Longboat Christmas parties, and, to the amazement and then the applause of other diners, led the Saturday morning regulars at the Grenadier in a spontaneous and memorable “Oh Canada” when Stefan Randstrom told us he had just become a Canadian citizen.

And finally, Diane has the most recognizable laugh (more a cackle, really) in the club, that deserves its own award.

By Jennifer Penny

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