Nancy Wells

Nancy did not start running until she was past 40. She was visiting Australia when a bunch of men said they were going to run on the beach; Nancy decided to join them over their objections that it would be very hard. When she left them trashed on the sand they were the first of oh so many who underestimated her. On that same trip on a run in cut-off jeans on the beach sands in Bali she experienced her first runner’s high, a vast improvement on the effects that she might have felt in an experiment with mushrooms.

Here is how she joined Longboat: “When I got back I joined the social runners club. I was working at Lyndhurst at the time and did the Sunnybrook run for research and was very surprised when I was called up on the stage as a winner in my age category. So many people said to me, ‘You should join a real running club.’ I remember going to Longboat for my 1st run being petrified to run with ‘real’ runners.” It soon became clear that she more than belonged.

Nancy is the holder of between 30 and 40 Longboat club records. She holds national and provincial age-group records at various road and track distances:


15K  W65   1:13:52.9     W70   1:23:19.8

10 miles  W65   1:21:04.5

Half Marathon  W65   1:45:54.3   W70   1:50:44.0

Canadian National

15K  W65   1:23:19.8

Road Mile  W70    7:55

Indoor 5000m  W65    24:53.81

None of these, however, was Nancy’s proudest running moment. This happened at the World Masters Marathon in Eugene, Oregon, where she had a genuine shot at breaking 3 hours. However, the weather was blazing hot and Nancy wound up in the medical tent after finishing 4th for her PB in 3:08.

Other PB’s include:
Mile                              5:35
5K                               19:32
8K                               31:37
Half Marathon       1:29:38

She has won our WMA series 11 times and been named Female Runner of the year 6 times, though in truth she could have been named in numerous other years as well. Outside of the club she has won the Timex Masters series, won an achievement award from the Ontario government, and been the OMA road runner of the year.

Nancy has served the club in many volunteer capacities, most notably in the thankless task of the Island Race Duty Roster. When not racing she can be seen cheering on her fellow club members. She has countless times been a member of the W60 and W70 cross country teams, winning local, provincial and national titles.

By Bert de Vries