2016 Board

Longboat 2016 Board


Meet the 2016 Board!

From Left to Right:

  • Secretary: John MacMillan
  • President: Rob Hanks
  • Race Co-ordinator: Marylou Lapus Moran
  • Social Co-ordinator: Laura Lipcsei
  • Communications Co-ordinator: Carmy Do
  • Vice President: Nils Blondon
  • Treasurer: Bill Prest
  • Coaching Co-ordinator: Lucas Wilson
  • Past President: Roger Moss – Missing in Action

Rob Hanks, President
Rob became a runner in 2007 at the age of 43 when his son was one year old: confronted with asthma issues, he decided that he didn’t want to be a couch potato dad. Shortly afterward he ran his first race – a marathon – in 4:04, followed by a half marathon in the spring of 2008 with a time of 1:36. Sensing that he couldn’t improve anymore running on his own, Rob joined the Longboat Roadrunners in the fall of 2008, where he found a running home. With the guidance of Longboat’s excellent coaches and the examples of his fellow club members, he steadily improved his times in every distance, setting more and more new PBs even as he grew older. Along the way, he decided that running was more important than hockey, but that the true purpose of both sports was to have fun and be healthy. In 2015 at the age of 52, he ran in 22 races, setting fourteen new PBs, including the New York Marathon in 3:10:52 and the Ajax Half-Marathon in 1:24:10. Going forward his goal is to put one foot in front of the other and to race as fast as he can. Although new to the executive, Rob has been an active club member, volunteering for many roles. He is well known for his “unique” running gait and competitive attitude, but also for cheering loudly for his teammates. He has organized the marshals at the Longboat Island race (“the best race marshals in Toronto”), and has enjoyed participating with Longboat in several long distance relay teams, which he hopes to do again. As a trained academic historian on the First World War, he wrote an original paper on Tom Longboat’s experience during the war (which is available elsewhere on the club’s website). As President, he wants to continue to build on the club’s existing strengths and to provide a dynamic framework in which all of the members, both old and new, can achieve their running goals in a spirit of camaraderie. This is perhaps best expressed by the Kenyan concept of Harambee, “all pull together.”

Please email president@longboatroadrunners.com to contact him.

Rob Hanks
Nils Blondon, Vice President
Roger Moss, Past President
This is Roger’s first year as Past President after serving for the past three years as President. Roger has been a member of Longboat Roadrunners for going on twelve years, joining a couple of years after starting running in 2002. He started running at 39 and decided that he would set the goal of running a marathon before turning 40. That didn’t quite happen, he missed it by a couple of months, but the wait was worth it when he ran a 3:17:37 BQ. He has managed to take off more than 30 minutes since and hopes to take off a few more minutes before retiring from the marathon. When he’s not running he’s usually thinking about running, or reading about running although all of that focus hasn’t yet allowed him to quit his day job. He is a geologist by training which gets him out doors a lot and takes him to some weird and wonderful places he wouldn’t otherwise get to see. It is also very physical, and one of the reasons he started running in the first place. One thing that many people don’t know about Roger: During his Ph.D research on seafloor processes, Roger was able to take part in a Japanese expedition off the coast of Papua New Guinea during which he was fortunate to dive in a submersible (mini submarine) to 1700m depth and spend eight hours looking at hot springs on the ocean floor.Please email president@longboatroadrunners.com to contact him. roger-moss
Bill Prest, Treasurer

Bill joined Longboat as a member in the summer of 1995. He had run his first race, Around the Bay in March 1994 and a few weeks later, the Shopper’s Drug Mart Toronto Marathon. Feeling his legs turning to concrete towards the end of both races convinced him that he needed better training. Bill realized that he had a lot to learn about running long distance including the fact that there were shorter races. He decided that he needed to find a running club to get peer support and advice and decided to try Longboat after meeting a couple of the members at a 5K race in Mississauga.

Bill discovered Longboat’s Island Race in the fall of 1994 and his tee shirt from that race is a prized possession. He has not so fond memories of bag check (as it was then) when he was stationed there as a crew member during the race the following year. Bill has served in the past as club secretary and currently is captain of the Island Race course setup crew as well as driving a truck on Race Saturday to pick up race supplies.

When Bill isn’t running, he is cycling, acting in community theatre or helping his wife Claire in their accounting firm. Bill also enjoys the odd winter camping weekend in February when the competition for camp sites is not as fierce. In his former life, Bill was a computer programmer and still does the IT for his wife’s firm.

Bill is looking forward to a new challenge as club treasurer in 2016.

 Bill Prest
John MacMillan, Secretary
John joined Longboat in 2012. He first connected with the club on a couple of
Saturday morning group runs in High Park. He signed up after enjoying cake
served to one member celebrating his/her birthday during the post-run breakfast.John has been running since high school when he competed in cross country.
However, his most memorable running moment came years later at the Manitoba
Marathon. W ith a (pained) look of determination, common to most at the end of a
marathon, John’s finish made headlines on the front page of the W innipeg Free
Press: “John MacMillan of Pinawa, Manitoba, grimaces in pain as he struggles to
be a marathon finisher.” Truth be known, he was not exactly struggling to finish
but snarling at the photographer with his ginormous camera standing on the track
metres from the finish line at Pan Am Stadium, and in the way of John’s
do-or-die sprint to meet his time goal of 2:35.John is happy to be racing again after a year off recovering from a hamstring
injury. He feels encouraged by his coach Timo and the wonderful support from
members.When John isn’t running he is Mr. MacMillan, an elementary teacher in Riverdale.
He is also an avid cyclist and enjoys photography in his free time.Please email secretary@longboatroadrunners.com to contact him.
 MacMillan (John)
Laura Lipcsei, Social Coordinator
This is Laura’s third year as Social Coordinator – a position she holds with much zest and enthusiasm. 
Laura has been a member of Longboat since 2012, after returning from the United States where she lived for about 10 years, and where she started her running “career” in her early 30s.  Despite her late start, Laura has been an age group winner – her biggest claim to fame is winning 1st place Master’s at the Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon in 2009 with a $500 prize, and winning 2nd  Master’s the year before, in 2008, with a $300 prize. Although running is her first love, she is branching out into the world of triathlon adding the swim and bike to her training regime.
Laura is an Art Conservator who has worked at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City before coming home to work at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.  Her work has taken her to archaeological sites and museums around the world, namely Italy, Greece, Turkey and Tunisia


 Lipcsei (Laura)
Carmy Do, Communications

 Carmy joined Longboat in 2015. She is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast with an adorable dog who loves all things social media. In 2016, she took on the role as the communications coordinator.

Lucas Wilson, Coaching Coordinator
Lucas started running with Longboat in the fall of 2013 and has been helping coach at the club since 2015. Lucas has a made a habit of overdoing it in workouts, training through injuries, and blowing up in the second half of marathons. Athletes are encouraged to follow his advice but not his example.
Lucas currently works at the Ministry of Finance where he offers advice to the government on how to design Ontario’s tax system.


Marylou Lapus Moran, Race Coordinator

Marylou was a ‘plus one’ at Longboat for almost a year before joining the club last January. She started running four years ago and found, contrary to previous experiences, that she didn’t feel sick to her stomach when she ran and that she quite enjoyed what it did for her mental and physical well-being. Although she isn’t fond of racing, to her great surprise, her first race as a Longboat member resulted in her finishing first in her age category in Peterborough. When she isn’t running she enjoys caring for her two sons, listening to music, watching all kinds of sports and struggling through crossword puzzles. Her day job is at Canadian Tire Home Office in the loyalty department where she can organize to her heart’s content and plan, plan, plan. She looks forward to bringing these strengths and her enthusiasm to her position as Race Coordinator.


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